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Industri Kapital gains control of 96.48% of Dyno’s shares

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Industri Kapital has announced that at the close of the voluntary offer period 22.12.1999 it had gained control of 96.48% of Dyno’s shares. The following announcement has today (23.12.1999) been sent by Industri Kapital/Nordkem AS to the Oslo Stock Exchange.

“Reference is made to the offer document dated 7.12.1999 regarding the voluntary offer to acquire all shares in Dyno ASA made by Nordkem AS, with the offer period opening 8.12.1999 and closing 22.12.1999. In accordance with the Securities Trading Act (Norway), section 3, paragraph 1, Nordkem AS hereby gives notice that as of 22.12.1999 acceptances of the offer corresponding to 8,807,779 shares in Dyno ASA have been registered. As of 22.12.1999, Nordkem AS therefore has control of 24,695,493 shares, of which 14,374,810 pre-accepted shares and 10,320,683 accepted shares in Dyno ASA. This corresponds to 96,48% of the total share capital. Please note that the number of shares registered as accepting the offer may change if there should be any corrections.”

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