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Our Commitment

We have a long-established dedicated environmental, social and governance ("ESG") team which ensures that our investment processes, decision-making and period of stewardship incorporate responsible and sustainable awareness throughout.

The importance of responsible engagement is equally reflected by the level of portfolio company management involvement in monitoring, implementing and enforcing our ESG policies.

Our Approach to ESG

We strive to create value for everyone we partner with by establishing and maintaining high standards of governance and business ethics within IK Partners, our funds and our portfolio companies.

We have integrated ESG throughout our business processes including opportunity screening, due diligence, dedicated portfolio ESG committees, establishment of relevant KPIs and systematic follow-up.
Our Responsible Investment Policy
Our Code of Ethics

The Role of ESG in our Investment Process



All potential investments have been screened against our Responsible Investment Policy since 2012.


We present a detailed assessment of any potential investment’s financial and non-financial information to the Investment Committee, including an ESG risk analysis and a summary of identified ESG factors.

Active Ownership

Engagement and Implementation

We actively engage with our portfolio companies on ESG issues, supporting them in the implementation of related initiatives.


At regular intervals, in defined formats and with tailored KPIs, we monitor our portfolio companies’ sustainability performance.



Upon exit, we strive to implement an independent assessment to capture ESG-related progress achieved during our ownership period.

Our Participation in Wider Initiatives

We are proud to be involved in the following responsible business initiatives. In addition to these, we are supporters of the UN Global Compact, France Invest Gender Charter and some of our employees are participants in the Level 20 initiative.
United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment
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initiative Climat International
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Institutional Limited Partners Association - Diversity in Action
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Out Investors
Global Network for LGBTQ+ Investment Professionals
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Invest Europe
Responsible Investment Roundtable
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Our Progress
As a signatory of multiple responsible investment initiatives, we align ourselves with standards set by these bodies and report on our progress annually. Our current reports can be found below:
Jovana Stopic, ESG Director

IK Partners in the Community

IK Aid and Relief Enterprise (IKARE) was launched in 2006 with the aim of strengthening health delivery infrastructures and functions as a conduit for IK Partners’ venture philanthropy activities. Since inception, IKARE has worked closely with a number of strong social entrepreneurs with innovative solutions focused on improving access to quality health care services for marginalised communities. IK Partners has contributed around €2 million to IKARE to date and has also provided valuable non-financial support through accounting, communication and IT services.

Local Initiatives
IK staff across our regions have chosen to be involved in various initiatives. The level of involvement varies dependent on region and activities include a combination of donations of time and money. Each charity we support was chosen by the respective offices and covers homelessness, disease, food banks, education and child poverty.