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The conditions for Perstorp Intressenter AB’s offer for Perstorp not fulfilled.

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Last week’s new information from Perstorp AB states considerably weaker earnings and more uncertain future development for the laminate flooring business. With regard to this new information, the lending institutions have stated that Perstorp Intressenter AB’s debt financing is no longer available.

At the end of the acceptance period, all regulatory approvals, except EU Commission clearance, had been received.

In total, 11.6 percent of all shares and convertibles were tendered within the prescribed period which expired Friday 29 September, representing 29.3 percent of the votes. The shares and convertibles tendered within the prescribed period will now be returned to their respective owners by VPC as of 3 October.

“We will continue to evaluate different alternatives to find a solution,” says Harald Mix, Managing Director of Perstorp Intressenter AB.

Stockholm, 2 October, 2000
Perstorp Intressenter AB
Board of Directors

For further information, please contact:
Harald Mix, Managing Director, Perstorp Intressenter AB +46 8 678 95 00

Not for release in or into the United States, Canada, Japan or Australia.

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