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Industri Kapital acquires eight companies within Enterprises from Telia

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Industri Kapital has signed an agreement whereby the Industri Kapital 2000 Fund will acquire a group of eight companies and their respective affiliates within the Telia Enterprises division. Telia will retain a minority stake in the business.

The eight companies covered by the agreement are Swedia Networks AB, Telia Prosoft AB, Respons AB, Validation AB, Telia Swedtel AB, Telia Dokumentation AB, Multicom Security AB and TA Teleadress Information AB and their respective subsidiaries. The companies currently have 5,622 employees.

Telia ProSoft AB and Validation AB are suppliers of highly specialised IT-consulting services within telecommunication and other complex system environments.

Swedia Networks AB is a leading Nordic provider of network solutions for fixed and mobile electronic communication.

Respons AB offers operating directory services, e.g. the national enquiry service 118 118.

Telia Swedtel AB provides telecommunication-consulting services in developing markets.

Telia Dokumentation AB offers services for documentation and administration of cable networks.

Multicom Security AB provides monitored alarm transmission systems for medium and high-risk segments.

TA Teleadress Information AB sells structured subscriber information.

“We appreciate the growth potential arising from this partnership with Industri Kapital,” says Marianne Nivert. “We also see significant opportunities for the involved 5622 employees as the strategic focus of their respective companies will be future growth. Our confidence is demonstrated by our future minority shareholding.”

“We see a great potential for these businesses to develop, each with respect to its specific competence, in a fast growing and highly dynamic market,” says Björn Savén, Chief Executive Officer of Industri Kapital. “We also look forward to working together with Telia in further developing these companies.”

“Each company included in this transaction has a core competence in their respective telecom business area. To date many of these firms have supplied their services mainly to Telia, and exciting opportunities lie ahead for these companies as they focus on increasing sales to external clients,” says Christian Salamon, Director, Industri Kapital.

Following the agreement, the Industri Kapital 2000 Fund will own 51 percent of the new group and Telia 49 percent. The transaction is expected to close in May, or when a clearance from the European Commission has been received. Continuity of the businesses is secured by retaining the present management groups.

For further information please contact:

Christian Salamon, Director, Industri Kapital, +46 8 678 95 00
Björn Savén, Chief Executive Officer, Industri Kapital, +46 8 678 95 00

About Industri Kapital

Industri Kapital is a leading European private equity firm with equity capital under management in excess of 3 billion euro. Since 1989, more than 40 investments have been made in European companies in various industries. The fund investors are generally large Nordic, European and American institutional investors such as pension funds, investment and insurance companies.

About Telia

Telia is the leading Nordic communications company challenging technology to liberate you in life and business. In 2000, Telia's sales totalled SEK 54,064 million and the number of employees was 29,868.Telia is quoted on the A-list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

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