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Aki Kettunen receives a € 25,000 Industri Kapital grant

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Aki Kettunen, 22, has been selected as the recipient of a grant of EUR 25,000 donated by Industri Kapital and named accordingly. The grant is administered by the Grant Foundation of the Association of Finnish-American Associations.

Industri Kapital’s scholarship is awarded annually to a young Finnish student of economics or technology for postgraduate or parallel studies in the United States. The grant was now distributed for the second time.

Aki Kettunen graduated in June 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Helsinki School of Economics, where his major was finance. He will continue his studies in the United States at Tulane University, located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Aki’s studies at Tulane will start this summer and last for 11 months, i.e. the academic year 2002-03. In accordance with the exchange program between the educational institutions, a student at the Helsinki School of Economics can complete an MBA degree at Tulane in one year. In addition to his studies, Aki Kettunen has worked at the Helsinki Stock Exchange HEX Oyj as a broker assistant since spring 2001. He is from Savonlinna.

The aim of the activities of the Association of Finnish-American Associations (SAYL) is to increase knowledge and understanding of Finland and the United States. The association participates in cultural, scientific and student exchange programs, organizes English language instruction, distributes American information to tourists and publishes the Finland-USA member magazine. SAYL’s 63 local associations have a total of almost 20,000 members. In 2003, the Federation of Finnish-American Associations will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Finnish students can apply through the Finnish-American Association Scholarship Foundation for various scholarships for postgraduate and research work in science and art. Organizations with grants from the SAYL fairway include Industri Kapital, The American Scandinavian Foundation, Thanks to Scandinavia. The association also distributes its own $ 3,000 scholarships. The association applies for 70-80 grants annually. They are awarded from 10 to 20. The amount of grants varies between 3,000 and 25,000 euros.

Additional information:
Federation of Finnish-American Associations, Executive Director Laura Noreila-Manninen, tel. +358 9 413 3725, +358 40 555 9559
Industri Kapital, presschef Maria Nilsson, tel. +46 70 3789551

About Industri Kapital

Industri Kapital is one of Europe's leading private equity firms. Its funds manage more than € 3 billion in total. Founded in 1989, Industri Kapital has invested the assets of its four funds in 45 companies, of which the funds are still owners in 26 companies. The investors in the funds are mainly large Nordic, European and North American institutions such as pension funds and investment and insurance companies.
Industri Kapital's goal is to create sustainable value in its investment targets. Sustainable value often arises from fundamental business efficiencies based on a centralized strategy, business quality, and business and industry reorganizations. The goal is always both sustainable growth and improved business results.
Industri Kapital has offices in Stockholm, London, Hamburg and Oslo. In Finland, the company's investment targets have been Addtek, CPS Color, Dynea, Enermet, KCI Konecranes, Noviant and Paroc.

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