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Questel acquires intellectual property services company Concur IP

Portfolio Company News

Today, Questel announces a majority investment in Concur IP, an India and US based IP services company well known for its patent drafting and standard essential patents related capabilities. This investment adds an essential piece to Questel’s existing suite of IP services. Questel can now support its clients throughout the entire IP lifecycle offering patentability search, patent drafting, translations, and international filing, as well as post grant support during licensing negotiations and litigations. Nitin Agrawal and Sachin Sinha will continue to operate as Concur IP’s Co-CEOs post this merger.

“Concur IP’s drafting service will dovetail nicely with Questel’s prior art search service,” said Charles Besson, Questel’s CEO. “Our full suite of services, including International Filing and Translation, meets a growing desire for more efficiency and clarity in connection with Intellectual Property costs, which we can now substantially guarantee to our customers”.

After noting Concur IP’s diverse experience, Nitin Agrawal, said “We believe corporate IP departments are committed to finding cost effective ways to delegate routine tasks, so they can focus their time on higher level activities. Our team of highly skilled and experienced IP professionals, having drafted more than 3,000 patent applications cumulatively, is well positioned to fulfil the demand of high quality patent applications at reasonable cost.”

Another key benefit Concur IP brings to Questel is their “Standard Essential Patent (SEP)” expertise, which is already being utilized by large telecom companies and law firms during licensing negotiations, litigations, and patent acquisitions. “Our SEP services enable companies to determine fair and reasonable licensing terms for standardized technologies. Our methodology is now well established in the market and has been adopted by the court, companies, and economists to calculate royalty rates. With Questel and their sophisticated platforms, we look forward to bringing more transparency in the process of technology standardization and the associated IP practices” said Sachin Sinha.

About Questel

Questel is one of the world's leading intellectual property management companies, delivering complete software and service solutions for each stage of the innovation lifecycle. And, for both software and services, Questel leverages a comprehensive and unique collection of intellectual property and scientific databases. With recent acquisitions of ITIP and Multiling, Questel now delivers the world’s largest and highest quality services for foreign filing of patent applications and translations. These services, when added to Questel’s e-learning and general IP consulting, make Questel the final destination to fulfill the most critical IP and Innovation needs.

About Concur IP

Concur IP was formed with the specific purpose of providing high-end IP consulting services in a cost-effective manner. Concur IP’s solutions cater to various IP needs of corporates, law firms, universities, research organizations, consulting firms, and licensing support firms. Core services offerings include patent application drafting, office action responses, patent licensing & litigation support services, patent research and analytics.

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