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Mid Cap
IK 2004

Expert in impact energy absorption technology for railway industries

At the time of exit, Axtone (“the Company”) was Europe’s largest manufacturer of buffers, draw-gear devices and related components for rail and metro vehicles and rail infrastructure. The Company offers the complete service of buffers being fully responsible for their servicing and logistic maintenance. With over 200 product certificates, Axtone supplies all major rail operators and wagon manufactures in Europe and selected markets around the world.

The Company is headquartered in Kanczuga, Poland and manufactures its products in five locations: Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia and China.

Axtone was acquired by the IK 2004 Fund in October 2008, and subsequently sold to ITT Inc. in January 2017.

Our Value Creation Strategy

During our ownership, we worked alongside the management team to:

  • Increase and support international expansion;
  • Introduce focus on operational excellence; and
  • Utilise a strategy of selective add-on acquisitions.

Quote from the Client

“The partnership with a new owner is a real acknowledgement of the achievements of Axtone, and we would like to thank IK for their support. Axtone is well-positioned to benefit from its unique technologies and brand recognition. We are pleased with the opportunity to join ITT’s legacy KONI brand, as we have a shared commitment to innovation, quality and unrivalled performance.”

Oliver Feicks, Former Chief Executive Officer, Axtone