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Cerba European Lab

Mid Cap
IK 2004

Experts in clinical pathology

At the time of exit, Cerba European Lab (“CEL”) was a leading European medical testing laboratory. CEL had a leading position in specialised testing for routine laboratories and hospitals in France (with a 45% market share). The BARC Group was acquired by CEL in October 2007 and was a leading Belgian routine testing laboratory as well as a worldwide clinical trial testing laboratory. Following the acquisition of Biolille and Biotop and subsequent buy-and-build acquisitions since 2009, CEL is key operator of routine laboratories in France. 

Cerba European Lab is headquartered in Paris, France.

Following acquisition by IK 2004 in July 2006, CEL was subsequently sold to PAI Partners in July 2010.

Our Value Creation Strategy

During our ownership, we worked alongside the management team to:

  • Leverage strong organic growth;
  • Focus on international expansion; and
  • Facilitate selective add-on acquisitions across Europe.

Quote from the Client

 “IK Investment Partners supported the transformation and strengthened the organisation of our Group. Thanks to its various acquisitions, CEL is now a unique group in Europe in terms of range of analysis and expertise. Indeed, we are present very early on in the validation of new molecules and also offer to the medical community multidisciplinary platforms which provide a full range of diagnostic tools and biological monitoring, from emergency and routine to esoteric testing for optimal care of patients. All the focus we bring to the research and development of new analysis, on the evolution of our logistics organisations and on the anticipation of increasingly demanding quality references, require heavy investments. With PAI, we have chosen an experienced, institutional partner, specialised in investing in consolidating sectors. They will support us in our development strategy within the French market and in our growth strategy in the central lab segment via our implementation in new markets. “

Catherine Courboillet, Chief Executive Officer, Cerba European Lab