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F Group

Mid Cap
IK 1997

Leading Danish electronics retailer

At the time of exit, F Group (“the Group”) was one of Denmark’s largest electrical goods high-street retailers, best known for its FONA stores. With 64 stores across Denmark, FONA focused on entertainment and communication electronics selling products such as flat screen TVs, home PCs, MP3 players, mobile phones and music.

Based in Copenhagen, the Group employed 850 people across Denmark. 

F Group was formed through the merger of Fona Gruppen (held by the Industri Kapital 1997 Fund) and Fredgaard Radio in June 2001. The new group is a leader in Danish high street brown goods retailing and a provider of consumer financing. F Group was sold to DSGi plc in December 2006.

Our Value Creation Strategy

During our ownership, we worked alongside the management team to:

  • Participate in industry restructuring opportunities;
  • Achieve operational efficiency improvements; and
  • Divest non core businesses such as the consumer financing subsidiary in 2004.

Quote from the Client

“We have had a strong and beneficial relationship with IK over the past five years and I’d like to thank IK for such a loyal partnership. It has always been known that the F GROUP would have a new owner one day and we are pleased with DSGis decision to buy IK’s stake. We are excited by the opportunities for the F GROUP to develop further in conjunction with DSGi.”

Michael Kjaer, Managing Director, F Group