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Leading European digital network of independent real estate agents

Founded in 2008 and with the ambition to offer an alternative way of buying and selling residential property, iad is a fast-growing digital platform offering a large range of value-added support services to independent real estate agents. With solid regional positions and focus on the residential and existing home transactions, the Company has grown to become the largest network in France with 16,000 local agents.

Since IK Partners, Five Arrows and Naxicap Partners’ investment in 2016, iad has grown significantly to become the leading real estate network in France, and has successfully expanded into Portugal, Italy, Spain and Germany. In 2020, iad entered the Mexican market via a strategic acquisition.

In September 2016, the IK VII Fund acquired a majority stake in iad, alongside Five Arrows Principal Investments, from founders and Naxicap Partners. IK Partners reinvested in iad alongside Insight Partners, Five Arrows Principal Investments and Naxicap Partners in April 2021.

Our Value Creation Strategy

During our ownership, we worked alongside the management team to:

  • Further penetrate the French market.
  • Drive international expansion by developing the company in neighbouring countries organically or through acquisitions.
  • Develop adjacent business segments, especially property rental and rental management.

Quote from the Client

“We are hugely grateful for the support from IK, Five Arrows and Naxicap over the last four and a half years. During this time, we have consolidated our position in France and embarked on a successful journey of international expansion, while developing and optimising our operations and technology. Looking forward, we are excited to add Insight Partners as an investor in iad.”

Clement Delpirou, Chief Executive Officer, iad Group