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MDT Technologies

KNX Products
Mid Cap

Leading manufacturer of building automation products based on the KNX standard

Having entered the KNX market in 2009, MDT Technologies (“MDT” or “the Company”) has become a leading manufacturer of smart building components, enabling the automation and control of a multitude of functions such as heating, ventilation and lighting in both residential and commercial buildings. MDT offers a full range of innovative KNX components distributed mainly through electrical wholesalers in Germany. The attractive end-customer proposition has helped MDT to continuously outgrow the market and become one of the leaders in the KNX-field.

The Company is headquartered in Engelskirchen, Germany, where it operates one manufacturing site

The majority stake investment was acquired from MDT’s founders in March 2020. The founder and Chief Executive Officer invested in MDT alongside IK Partners.

What Attracted us to the Business

  • Industry innovation leader
  • High-quality product offering
  • Excellent customer service
  • Growing underlying building automation market

Our Value Creation Strategy

We are working alongside management to:

  • Capture significant market growth with existing customers in Germany;
  • Further expand routes-to-market in Germany;
  • Expand the KNX product portfolio through continued innovation; and
  • Internationalise into adjacent markets.

Responsibility/ESG Highlights

MDT’s KNX building automation technology contributes significantly to energy efficiency in both smart homes and commercial buildings.

Quote from the Client

“Since we entered the KNX market ten years ago, we have developed a high-quality, full-range product portfolio and have successfully established MDT as a preferred partner to our customers. We believe that IK is the ideal partner for supporting our organisation through the next phase of growth given their understanding of the wider building technology market and their experience in transforming local champions into international leaders. Together with IK, we aim to further capture the strong growth we see in the market while maintaining our focus on innovation and best-in-class products.”

Hans-Joachim Kremer, Former Chief Executive Officer, MDT Technologies

Investment Team

IK Partners People - Mirko Jablonsky

Mirko Jablonsky

Partner, Industrials Sector Lead