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Pr0ph3cy Group

Provider of IT and cybersecurity services in France

Founded in 1983, Pr0ph3cy Group (“the Group”), now known by NEVERHACK, is a provider of IT and cybersecurity services to large private groups and government agencies through two complementary business lines. The Group offers advisory solutions for critical security needs (through Silicom) as well as for the upskilling of IT, network and cybersecurity professionals (through Seela). The latter of which is delivered through a comprehensive e-learning platform.

Entrepreneurial in nature, the Group employs approximately 550 experts who are based across six locations and serve roughly 90 customers.

IK Partners acquired its stake in Pr0ph3cy Group in October 2021 from the management team, who reinvested alongside IK. In March 2024, IK Partners sold its stake in Pr0ph3cy Group to Carlyle.

Our Value Creation Strategy

We worked alongside the management team to:

  • Leverage the underlying cybersecurity market growth;
  • Become the leading French cybersecurity e-learning platform for trained IT professionals;
  • Continue the transformation of Silicom into a pure cybersecurity IT firm; and
  • Drive consolidation by acquiring competing or adjacent cybersecurity firms.

Investment Team

IK Partners People - Pierre Gallix

Pierre Gallix

Managing Partner, Head of Development Capital Strategy
IK Partners People - Florent Labiale

Florent Labiale