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Snacks International

Leader in private label salted snacks

Snacks International (“the Company”), now known by Europe Snacks, is the market leader for private label salted snacks in France, also operating in the entry price and hard discount sectors. The snack categories that the Company focuses on includes stapled chips and extruded products.

Snacks International operates in an industry benefiting from substantial volume growth and exhibiting significant potential for further penetration of private label products. Snacks International is recognised by major retailers for its wide range of products, flexibility and excellent levels of service.

The Company was acquired by the IK 2007 Fund in November 2010, and later sold to Apax Partners in December 2013.

Our Value Creation Strategy

During our ownership, we worked alongside the management team to:

  • Facilitate organic growth via leveraging strong market position;
  • Develop the existing product range and launch new product lines;
  • Increase international expansion; and
  • Rebrand the group as Europe Snacks.

Quote from the Client

“We thank IK Investment Partners, which has been a committed and inspiring partner in recent years. Apax Partners’ capital investment in our company is excellent news for our employees, customers and suppliers. We will continue our high growth strategy whilst ensuring the sustainability of our relations with all our partners.”

Christophe Fenart, Chief Executive Officer, Europe Snacks Group