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Veldeman Group welcomes Maessen Tentsupply from the Netherlands

Portfolio Company News

Bree/Voorhout, 15 May 2024 – Tent structures and modular infrastructure specialists Veldeman Group (“Veldeman” or “the Group”) from Bree are incorporating Maessen Tentsupply into the Group. This move strengthens Veldeman’s wider geographical representation, while safeguarding future growth for tent suppliers Maessen Tentsupply.

Second acquisition in a single year for Veldeman Group

Veldeman Group, which supplies bespoke solutions for both rental and sales, has built up a strong international reputation with more than 50 years of experience. From the largest demountable festival tent in Europe to the largest semi-permanent warehouse in South America, there really are no limits to what the Group can offer. Even so, the rental business is largely concentrated on the Western European market.

In 2023, IK Partners, a leading European private equity firm, invested in Veldeman Group. One of the objectives behind this partnership was to accelerate rental growth and continue building an international presence through a targeted M&A strategy. An initial acquisition soon followed, namely East Flanders tent rental company Tentmoment, which enabled Veldeman to consolidate its position on the East and West Flanders market. A second acquisition now follows less than a year later with Maessen Tentsupply, with the Group also seeking to strengthen its position in the Netherlands.

Established reputation on the Dutch market

“Maessen Tentsupply is an established name in tent supply on the Dutch market. Just like Veldeman, the company stands for quality, flexibility and customer focus. Supplying custom-made solutions is in the DNA of both our companies. The markets and target audience they focus on also match with Veldeman’s. We look forward to working together with Maessen Tentsupply, within the Veldeman Group, to continue consolidating our position in the Dutch market and to realizing challenging projects,” says Andy Moors, CEO of Veldeman Group.  

Maessen Tentsupply has been involved in the rental and sale of tent structures for public events, festivals, private parties and industrial solutions since 1998. With a young and enthusiastic team of 30 employees, the company certainly does not lack ambition. This move is designed to propel Maessen Tentsupply into becoming the most reliable and respected tent supplier in the Netherlands. As part of Veldeman Group, the company will become stronger professionally and accelerate its ambitious growth plans. The current management of Maessen Tentsupply remains in place and is, in turn, investing in the Veldeman Group.

Roel Nelis of Maessen Tentsupply says “The success of the merger between Maessen Tenten and Tentsupply in 2021 underlined for us the power of working together. Over recent years we have achieved significant growth and made the processes within our company even more professional. We are now ready for the next step and believe we can continue synergy and growth within the Veldeman Group over the coming years.” “We recently expanded our branch in Voorhout with additional storage capacity of 6,000 square metres. This means we can now supply our group’s extensive product range efficiently in the Dutch market. We are really excited about working with the team and our clients to propel our service provision and projects to a higher level,” adds Rogier Maessen of Maessen Tentsupply.

Press contacts

Andy Moors, CEO Veldeman Group
Tel: (+32) 89 46 92 33

Roel Nelis, Maessen Tentsupply
Tel. (+31) 6 12181498

Rogier Maessen, Maessen Tentsupply
Tel. (+31) 6 53922537

About Veldeman Group

Veldeman Group, based in Bree, Belgium, was founded in 1950 and has grown from classic tent builders to specialists in modular, demountable infrastructure and related customer services. Veldeman Group has 120 full-time employees spread across four sites in Europe and America, along with an extensive network of subcontractors, and serves customers in more than 60 countries worldwide. The Group supplies bespoke solutions in rental and sales for various markets, including industry, retail and the high-end events sector. Veldeman is known for its powerful innovation and turnkey solutions, along with a wide range of additional services including electricity supply, climate control, ventilation and decoration. Veldeman stands out from its main competitors thanks to a high degree of customisation and an extensive range of products and services.

About Maessen Tentsupply

Since it was founded in 1998, Maessen Tentsupply has been a respected tent supplier for a host of events, festivals and private gatherings. The company also supplies a variety of business solutions, such as storage tents, work tents and other ad hoc solutions. Maessen Tentsupply offers a total service, from professional advice to skilled execution, specifically tailored to customer needs. The company does more than just tent rental and offers bespoke solutions including decoration, furniture, technology and other essentials. The team is made up of 30 skilled, passionate professionals who share a common commitment to delivering premium-quality service.

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