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Product Offering
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Leading provider of linear positioning systems for the automation market

Bahr Modultechnik is a leading provider of linear positioning systems serving the global automation technology market. The Company’s systems are mandatory in a wide range of automation applications, such as pharmacy / labs, dosing / packaging, 3D printing and for the Industrials sector.

Bahr Modultechnik is internationally recognised for its long track record of quality and innovation leadership. Its technological advantage lies in its deep engineering expertise, co-developing automation solutions for its customers, based on a modular product offering that allows for more than 1,000 combinations. The Company’s solutions provide the highest degrees of flexibility and customisation, resulting in a large share of recurring business.

IK Partners acquired the majority of the Company in May 2018 from its founding family in a primary transaction.

What Attracted us to the Business

  • Sophisticated offering with quality and performance leadership
  • Well-diversified and loyal global client base with high share of recurring business
  • Highly attractive market tailwinds fuelling the need for automation solutions
  • Excellent financial profile with best-in-class margins and asset-light business model

Our Value Creation Strategy

We are supporting management to:

  • Unlock excellent organisational strength and manage the transition from a founder-led organisation;
  • Broaden and professionalise sales activities to drive new customer acquisition and international expansion via distributors; and
  • Expand current product offering in attractive end-industries and continue new product development.

“As a leading provider, innovation has always been at the heart of our business as we seek to provide our customers with practical solutions, using best-in-class materials and technology. In IK Partners, we have found a partner who shares our mindset and supports our growth ambition, fuelling constant innovation and commercial launches.”

Dirk Bahr, Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer

“IK Partners brings significant value-add to the Company, without interfering with day-to-day operations. The partnership has been very pleasant from day one and is characterised by mutual respect. With the help of IK, we have professionalized our go-to-market approach and are now equipped with the right tools and data that allow us to boost the Company’s future development in a profitable and sustainable way.”

Cihan Halavurt, Co-Chief Executive Officer

Investment Team

Nils Pohlmann