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Blanchon Group

B2B Distributors
B2C Stores

Leading manufacturer of a wide range of technical varnishes and wood coatings

Established in 1832 and based in Lyon, France, Blanchon (the “Group”) is a leading manufacturer of wood coating and speciality paints for the building and housing sector. It offers stock-keeping units specialised in the protection, decoration, maintenance and renovation of wood surfaces.

The Group operates through two complementary brands; Blanchon (B2B sector) and Svntilor (B2C sector) and operates from five well-invested manufacturing sites in France, Italy and more recently in Belgium.

IK Partners acquired its stake in September 2021 from Abénex and the management team who have both reinvested.

What Attracted us to the Business

  • A leading player with iconic and recognised brands tailored to specific end-markets
  • Scalable product formulation know-how and production capabilities
  • A highly skilled management team  
  • Highly fragmented market presents an opportunity to drive consolidation

Our Value Creation Strategy

We are working alongside management to:

  • Continue to gain market share in the B2C sector with new product launches;
  • Increase penetration amongst building material resellers;
  • Improve margins on purchasing and through scale effects; and
  • Develop footprint internationally through organic growth or via selected M&A.

Quote from the Client

“We are delighted to have partnered with Abénex for the last few years, which has seen the successful completion of the managerial transition and paved the way for a new growth path. We are eager to continue pursuing our ambitious and sustainable growth trajectory with all our employees and with the support of IK and Abénex. We will further focus on strengthening our value proposition for our customers, on continuous improvement and relying on the pursuit of external growth operations in all of key countries and particularly internationally.”

Guillaume Clement, President, Blanchon Group

Investment Team

IK Partners People - Arnaud Bosc

Arnaud Bosc

IK Partners People - Pierre Gallix

Pierre Gallix

Managing Partner, Head of Development Capital Strategy
IK Partners People - Morgane Bouhenic

Morgane Bouhenic