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Full-service machine and equipment rental company

Renta (“the Company”) is a full service equipment rental company offering construction machines & equipment, modular on-site facilities, scaffolding and weather protection, as well as related on-site services. The Company was founded in 2016 when three smaller local Finnish rental players merged to form the basis of Renta’s organisation in Finland, which has since grown into the Nordics and Poland through greenfield expansion and M&A.

Today, the Company operates around 135 depots serving a large pool of customers across a wide range of industries including construction, renovation, infra, industry and services.

IK Partners acquired Renta from Intera Partners alongside management and reinvesting employees.

What Attracted us to the Business

  • Leading market positions in covered geographies
  • Decentralised, local and customer-centric business model
  • Industry leading digital capabilities enabling a high utilisation of the modern and young fleet

Our Value Creation Strategy

We are working alongside management to:

  • Continue growing nationwide depot coverage and roll out digital solutions in all home markets;
  • Strengthen Renta’s service offering in existing markets through M&A and continued development of digital platform; and
  • Enter new markets to establish Renta as a leading European rental player.

Responsibility/ESG Highlights

  • Important enabler in the circular economy contributing to efficient use of machines
  • Monitors and takes actions to minimise work-related accidents and improve equality of employees
  • Has tracking and governance practices in place to minimise carbon footprint

Quote from the Client

“We all have a lot to do in developing our digital and sustainable rental services, together with expanding operations to new geographies. I’m convinced that IK, with their international network, is the perfect partner for Renta as we embark on the next stage of development.”

Kari Aulasmaa, Chief Executive Officer, Renta Group

Investment Team

IK Partners People - Maria Brunow

Maria Brunow

IK Partners People - Sara Wedin

Sara Wedin