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Tutoring Centres
Small Cap

Leading German provider of offline and digital tutoring services for primary and secondary school students

Since its inception in 1974, Studienkreis (“the Company”) has developed into a leading provider of online and offline tutoring services in the German market. The Company offers small group tutoring to primary and secondary school students across the DACH region, covering all common subjects as well as preparatory courses for pre-graduation exams. Additionally, the company is a digital forerunner in the tutoring market, being the first to provide online tutoring since 2011 and offering market-leading digital services such as on-demand live chat support, thousands of award-winning digital learning videos and exercises as well as live digital classes.

IK Partners acquired Studienkreis from Aurelius Equity Opportunities in December 2017.

What Attracted us to the Business

  • Leading position in German tutoring market
  • Distinctive and successful tutoring concept with a fully integrated digital offering
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Data and key performance indicator-driven network management with attractive growth track record
  • Strong management team

Our Value Creation Strategy

We are working alongside management to:

  • Improve utilisation, performance and profitability of existing tutoring centres;
  • Continue to grow organically through the acquisition of new centres;
  • Expand into adjacent geographies and verticals (both organically and through mergers and acquisitions); and
  • Continue driving a focused digitalisation strategy.

Responsibility/ESG Highlights

Studienkreis supports families in need with high discounts up to free-of-charge grants, also being a pillar of governmental program “Bildung-und-Teilhabe”, which aims to reduce disadvantages of hundreds of thousands of K12 students from less fortunate families. Studienkreis is also a supporter of local communities, supporting schools, clubs and initiatives and provided free-of-charge German learning class in the recent refugee crisis.

Quote from the Client

“Building on our unmatched customer satisfaction, educational offering and grade improvement, we continue fortifying our market leading position, driving market consolidation and continuously increasing our market share. Incorporating our leading digital offers into our offline tutoring, we are upgrading the best-in-class tutoring on the marketplace.

Having embarked on the next phase of our growth trajectory with the support from IK, I’m truly excited for the opportunity to even better service our students.”

Lorenz Haase, Chief Executive Officer, Studienkreis

Investment Team

Nils Pohlmann


Anders Petersson

Managing Partner, Healthcare Sector Lead